We aim to attract the best, bringing the entire community to unlimited growth, reaching their own APEX.

Apex Order
A new world order...
built on Metaverse.

An NFT “you shall not PASS” without

Imagine owning an NFT that grants you access to an elite group of individuals with whom you can grow financially and personally. An NFT that provides real-life advantages in your daily life. Apex Order offers all this and more, with the goal of building a true global order on the blockchain where Apex Pass holders can grow in all aspects of life.Creating an empowering environment is a fundamental key to this journey, as we believe that we become the people we associate with. Hence, we aim to attract the best, bringing the entire community to unlimited growth, reaching their own APEX.


The more passes you own, the greater the advantages you gain access to. Here are the various levels accessible to holders

20+ NFT - Apex Whale
10 NFT - Apex Venture
5 NFT - Apex Alpha
1 NFT - Apex Holder

DeXa Biz License

90 Days Roadmap

Here's what we have planned for the next 90 days.


Phase 1

Building the ecosystem


Phase 2

Consolidation and New Collabs


Phase 3

Order Expansion

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Apex Art

We believe that personal and professional education is the foundation of every success story. Therefore, we offer all our members a digital academy covering a wide range of topics, from understanding NFT technology, trading, and professional network marketing to tax education and much more! Lessons will be both live and pre-recorded, allowing you to learn at your convenience. Expect continuous updates to our educational offerings as we refuse to set limits in the realm of learning.


Apex Art

The Apex Order collection is developed in collaboration with Filippo Ghisleri. Filippo is a freelance Digital Artist with a degree in Art Direction and Graphic Design from the University of Fine Arts in Brescia. He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the Italian music scene, including Fedez, Vegas Jones, Dark Polo Gang, Giaime, and more. He has also entered the digital fashion market, creating advertising campaigns and 3D animations for international brands such as Armani, GCDS, Lipault, Pyrex, Disclaimer, Adidas x Y-3.

Our Team

We respect and honor the noble origin of the term DAO, which has been overused. Our aim at Apex Order is not to centralize power in a few individuals but to offer the opportunity (based on NFT levels) to vote on important decisions that drive the project forward.

Mattia Ingenito

Blockchain Tech Lead
  • Decentralised Metaverse Expert
  • Live content creator for Binance AMA and X space
  • Public Relations Manager for web3
  • Architect of the Blockchain, Smart Contracts have no secrets for him

Awesome Partnership


Frequently asked questions

What is Apex Order?

Apex Order is an NFT Dao Project with the visionary mission to create a new world order completely on the blockchain, were all the holders of at least 1 of our pass can have access to the best environment, utilities and services in the real world. The core of our environment is personal growth & education and financial knowledge.

How can I get an NFT Apex Pass?

The mint is not available at the moment and the only way you can have our NFTs is to purchase them from somebody of the community willing to sell it. You can find the collection on centher.io

What advantages do I have by owning more than one NFT?

The more NFTs you have, the more power of vote you have in the DAO. Also owning more NFTs gives you the opportunity to receive early access to utilities and to updates

What changes in the rarity of the NFT?

There are 3 tier: Common, Super Rare and Legendary. Each one has a different power of vote, Common (x1), Super Rare (x4) and Legendary (x8). Also the rarity can allow you early access to utilities, services and special treatments at events

On which network are the NFTs?

The Apex Order Pass are on BSC Network

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